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Promote Your Events

Adding a Flowcode to a poster makes it so easy for students or passerby's to get all of the relevant information and details for any upcoming event. You can customize the Flowcode with your school or organizations logo as well.  Send users to your website, a pdf, or an image of the event information so they can save for later

For example, Northeastern's Flowcode sends scanners to an informational fundraising page, where students who scan can get more details on events and how to participate 

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Add Video or Audio

So many posters put up by schools or non-profits are just made up of images and text

Add a Flowcode that leads to a video or audio file to bring you print materials to life. This can also give students the option for an audio book in larger texts, or to a podcast with supplementary information

Touch Free Contact Sharing

Most employees or students are required to wear id badges

It might be tough to remember everyones name if you aren't saving their information, and only see their ID badge once or twice. When a Flowcode is added to the ID badge, your contact information can be easily shared and saved - fostering a long term network. Plus, this can all be done 100% contact free




Give More to the Customer

With most QR codes, a scanner is sent to a single destination. But most QR codes are bland and boring

That's why we created a 100% free link aggregator site Flowpage. Here you can share links to contact information, multiple websites, videos, and other digital destinations

This is a great way to give scanners the freedom to choose what sort of content they engage with. It takes just 60 seconds to try

Is your marketing working?

Flowcode’s advanced analytics dashboard with FlowcodePro allows marketing professionals to understand which tactics worked best, analyze A/B testing data, and better understand who is scanning their codes

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