QR Codes for Educators

Flowcode QR Codes help you with student engagement, fundraising, and so much more!

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5 ways to use Flowcode QR Codes in your Classroom

01 Introduce yourself before the semester begins

Share a code to a video of you introducing yourself, suggest pre-semester reading, and let your students know what to expect when the semester begins. 

QR Introductions

02 Link to your assignments

Share your Flowcode QR code that links to assignments, references, project details, and study guides. 

QR Codes for Homework

03 Promote school events

Whether it's a fundraiser, homecoming, or permission forms for a field trip; connecting a Flowcode to your schools' event details is the easiest way to let students access information away from school. 

Educators with QR

04 Virtual attendance

Add a Flowcode QR code to your curriculum and tell students to scan so you can see who is still at their computer while you're teaching virtually. 

QR for attendance

05 Share student projects

Connect your code to a Flowpage, our mobile link sharing pages, that showcases group projects. 

Scan to connect

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How to create QR Codes for your classroom



01 Go to Flowcode.com and sign up for your free trial. 

02 Enter where you want your QR Code to send your students. 

03 Add your school colors to your code design. 

04 Download your code.


How do I create a QR Code with Flowcode?  

Click Here and you'll be taken to our QR Code creator. Add a digital destination where you want your code to send scanners, choose your favorite design, and download your code. That's it!

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Where should my QR code send my scanners? 

Anywhere that can be accessed online! Share assignments, class projects, fundraiser information, school activities, and so much more! With Flowpage, our mobile link sharing page, you can host all your links in one place so you don't have to choose. 

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How do I scan a QR Code? 

There is no app needed to scan a QR Code! Anyone can scan a Flowcode QR Cose using just the camera on their smartphone. Aim your camera at the code and tap the notification banner when it appears. 

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